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Energize your company with the Resilience Oasis App


Watch our video to learn more about what the Resilience Oasis App can do for you.

Features & Benefits

With our innovative technology and mobile application, it’s easy to create a personalized restorative oasis and start transforming your lifestyle

employee wellness
Customizable Value to the organization

We support the individuals by aligning the HR and the organization’s needs and provide recommendations


Our team takes your individual circumstances and creates actionable recommendations to produce tangible results

Integrated Resilience

IR provides world-class products and services that enhance performance, resilience, success, and sustainability.

AI-supported App

We do assessments and give recommendations via an easy-to-use AI-supported App.

We provide Hyper-Personalized Resilience Assessments and Recommendations

Resilience Oasis App helps you determine your levels of energy. Our app asks you to share your experiences and needs through storytelling, quantitative measurements and answering specific questions. Our team can then generate recommendations on what you can do to re-energize yourself. Our goal is to help you form an actionable plan that can be easily implemented into your life today to help you live a more energized lifestyle.

Additionally, our app offers one-on-one resilience coaching where our certified coaches help guide you through resilience, depletion, burnout, and job satisfaction - customized to your life. This coaching session helps you to further understand the importance of personalized resilience management and, ultimately, how to evaluate situations in real-time and make recommendations for yourself.

Resilience when you need it

The demand for team resiliency is stronger than ever before, and with Resilience Oasis, it has never been so easy. Our app gives recommendations that support both the individual and the organization as a whole.



Our app ensures that individual results and personal information is never shared.


Proven methodology

Our app incorporates practical and interactive instruction backed by scientific research. 


Highly qualified

Our team is composed of individuals who have more than 50 years of expertise.


Works on all devices

Our app is user-friendly both on iOS and Android devices.


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