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Edy Greenblatt, Ph.D. and Drew Harris, Ph.D.

Imagine a world where business, personal & health needs align. We’ve spent 2 lifetimes preparing to enact this vision: Edy’s PhD (Harvard) in Org Behavior focused on resilience. Drew’s Mgmt PhD (NYU) focused on organizing for quality and stability.  As business owners and consultants, they’ve built enviable networks of engaged advisors. 30+ years after meeting performing ethnic dance, they can still move an audience.  Here’s the back story.

Edy and Drew are close friends and colleagues who met as teenagers decades ago learning and performing ethnic dance in Florida. They have supported each other personally and professionally since then. As a travel agent, Edy helped Drew book his band’s travel. While in his doctoral program at NYU, Drew helped Edy decide to professionally pivot from dance culture and travel to corporate culture and then helped her get accepted to top tier Ph.D. programs in Organizational Behavior. Drew’s Balkan brass band played while Edy and her friends danced on New York City’s  East River Aerial tram and in the lobby of her new apartment for her housewarming when she relocated from California to work for McKinsey & Co.  Edy recruited Drew, along with other business leaders who also do world dance, to develop and facilitate World Class Leadership Through World Dance workshops in Spain, Mexico and the U.S..  Edy approached Drew as she formulated the idea of Restoration Vacation, Inc.. He advised her for a few months and then joined as a co-founder. With a long history of trust, complimentary skills and agreement on how to work interdependently to create sustainable, values-driven outcomes (end burnout, help heal the world) and have fun in the process, Drew and Edy are well-matched and happy to work hard and lead RVI to success.

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Co-Founder, CEO

Our CEO, Edy,  is a resilience pioneer with a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Joint Program at the Harvard Business School and Harvard University, Her globally recognized approach, IP and tools for enhancing work/life energy have improved job satisfaction, productivity and effectiveness of hundreds of thousands of employees throughout the world. 

Restoration Vacation's service line is built on her proprietary research and experience in workforce development, leadership, management consulting, executive coaching, resilience and travel.

Edy, a member of the prestigious Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Group is a certified executive coach and coach supervisor.  As a management consultant and organization practice specialist at McKinsey & Co., she co-created the Leadership Project, training thousands of consultants and clients worldwide in women's leadership and resilience.


Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer

Drew's role is to do everything that needs doing to get RVI our customers, investors, and processes and people necessary to succeed.   Drew is also Professor of Entrepreneurship at Central Connecticut State University.  Drew brings the skills he's used his MBA and Ph.D. in Management (statistics, operations and entrepreneurship) to train and support thousands of students and hundreds of start-ups to RVI!  This includes 15+ years in information systems industry. 20+years experience in management consulting and strategy.

Drew and Edy became friends as teenagers when they performed in ethnic dance festivals together.  Drew's coaching and advice directed Edy into her doctoral studies at Harvard and they have collaborated personally and professionally since then.  


Frank Garofalo

UX/UI Consultant

Frank Garofalo has brought his UX and project management expertise to our team transforming our ideas, assessments, coaching and other

IP from mental and manual to wireframes and soon to an automated MVP!

Edy was Frank's instructor at a Center for Creative Leadership Intensive Leadership Training program.  After reading Edy's book Restore Yourself:  The Antidote for Professional Exhaustion, he choreographed an exit from his corporate position and launched his own consulting company.   Now, RVI is delighted to have Frank lead the process to pay it forward and improve the lives of others through resilience.


Join Our Team!

We are building a values-driven, committed, professional high performing team that knows how to work hard, play hard and already lives our 'integrated resilience' philosophy.  We're still looking to add to our team so if you are ready for a great experience creating a win-win solution for organizations and their employees, contact us!

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