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Restoration Vacation

The unique, cost effective and FUN way to retain, develop and energize employees!

Restoration Vacation helps companies retain and develop high value employees by ensuring they can take reliably restorative vacations.  Based on our extensive research and professional experience we provide:

  • Proprietary, customized assessment of resilience needs,

  • Validated vacation matching and recommendations,

  • Organizational development tools, and

  • Performance metrics

Our end to end solution enables employees to effectively use their vacation days to regain resilience while leveraging paid time off as an organizational development opportunity.  

We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing sustainable and scalable solutions to help HR attract, retain and re-energize high value employees by ensuring their resilience!  Want to learn more?

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Restoration Vacation, Inc.

A Delaware Corporation

Cheshire, CT and Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Info At Restoration Vacation Dot Com

Who We Are

What We Do

Help You Achieve Your Goals

At Restoration Vacation, we combine science, smarts and soul to help you determine EXACTLY what you and your employees need to restore yourself and build a new resilience support process for your organization… and we help you deliver the results. 

Our typical client has:

  •  An identifiable, mission-critical set of employees who work very hard and, as a result, may be at risk of burn-out and voluntary separation from the firm.

  • A set of policies or programs aimed to support employees’ resilience (these could be minimal or extensive, but a typical client is aware of the benefits of a resilient workforce).

  • Some or all of their mission critical employees who do not utilize resilience programs and/or paid time off (estimates indicate that over 700 million paid vacation days went un-used in the U.S. in 2017).

  • Few or no formal processes for turning planned vacations into an organizational development opportunity.

A typical engagement starts with collaborating with senior management to define the scope and goals, critical employees to include and current policies and practices around resilience, PTO and vacations. Then we would likely deploy some variation of the following steps:

  • Conduct workshops for critical employees that include initial resilience and culture assessment(s).

  • Process the assessments and provide an overview to senior management around trends and key cultural conditions.

  • Guide the launch of an integrated resilience process for the organization.

  • Coach individuals and groups to define travel types and needs.

  • Provide vacation planning workshops to develop vacation action plans.

  • Provide management development workshops and tools to prepare for successful departure, work continuity and reentry for all stakeholders. 

  • Conduct post-vacation surveys and group debriefs

  • Report results to senior leadership and support sustainability planning

Our goal is to help you and your employees find the best path to creating a better workforce through integrated resilience practices, starting with paid time off. Make Restoration Vacation a part of your strategic organizational development process!

Committed to your success and resilience!

The Restoration Vacation founders combine years of practical experience with rigorous research to produce evidence-based processes that produce remarkable results. Our insights and skills can help you transform your processes and strategies - your company – into a more resilient, productive organization. Dr. Edy Greenblatt combines her years in the travel industry with a Ph.D. from Harvard, with her dissertation focusing on depletion and restoration of employees’ energy; she has coached thousands of people to more productive lives and work experiences. Dr. Drew Harris is both a serial entrepreneur and advisor to dozens of early stage firms. During his graduate studies at NYU, he was mentored by Dr. W. Edwards Deming and subsequently wrote his dissertation on extraordinary firms – firms with highly stable workforces and outstanding financial performance. Frank Garofalo has had an extraordinary career building IT teams and systems for rapidly growing firms. For more details, check out our Founders page!

With decades of relevant experience in all aspects of entrepreneurship, resilience, HR, social sciences, assessment, artificial intelligence, leadership and travel, our enviable advisory team is one of our unfair advantages!   For more than 2 years now, these amazing humans have been helping us prepare, learn, develop, define and refine ourselves and multiple aspects of our market, strategy, competition and approach.

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